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Fast Flow Inspection System
Model: FFS-700
Fast Flow Inspection System
Price: $41,179.50

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The Fast Flow Inspection System allows for fast flow security processing of traffic into a restricted stand-off perimeter keeping personnel out of harm’s way, or directly into a facility, keeping traffic delays to a minimum. Provides simultaneous review of vehicle and occupant(s) from multiple command locations.

Chassis TRAC Undercarriage Scanner - A weatherproof, light weight, portable infrared digital video scanning system for daytime or nighttime use transmits images via wireless internet or land cabled connection. The Chassis TRAC has a wide angled infrared camera lens that records the undercarriage of vehicles, which can be viewed in real-time remotely or in conjunction with security personnel from multiple locations.

Occupant Camera and Progress Light Bar - This camera records the driver, and any occupants of the vehicle. Mounted with the occupant camera, the progress light bar indicates which recording system is on as the driver progresses through the system.

IGS Wireless Infrared Camera – Handheld portable infrared wireless camera equipment used to inspect and record multiple areas of vehicles including images of occupant identification. Available in two versatile equipment applications.

Viewing and Recording System – A portable viewing system containing a color 12 inch LCD/TV and Digital Video Recorder. The digital video recorder contains a hot swappable hard drive system, when one hard drive is full, another can be inserted in seconds. The digital video recorder allows the viewer to instantly review a recorded clip in real time, adjustable slow motion, or frame-by-frame if something suspicious has been detected. Also contains a flash ram card to offload data quickly for evidentiary reasons or for law enforcement review.

Electronic Video Sensor and Relay System – Through a series of sensors and relays, the video recorded via the Chassis TRAC, occupant camera, and the IGS is recorded in one video clip that is easily reviewed instantly or at a later date. This allows for complete documentation of a single vehicle and driver, and exhibits due diligence by the facility owner for law enforcement and insurance purposes.

Traffic Control Sign and Lighting – Upon entry into a facility, a sign stopping traffic with a flashing red light, allows control of the vehicular flow by the guard or attendant. A flashing yellow light will direct the driver to proceed over the scanning system.

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