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Model: GK-400
Price: $47,100.00

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The Gatekeeper is a versatile security system designed for temporary or permanent placement in high traffic public areas of any particular location. This unit is designed for disseminating real time audio visual information on its large screen digital co


• Portable and durable NEMA 4X rated housing
• 2.8GHz Industrial Panel PC with optional touch screen, 512 MB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive
• Color 17 inch LCD Display Screen
• Video capture board will process CCTV security camera images at up to 120 Frames per Second (full color @ 320x240 resolution)
• Cat5 Ethernet connection or optional 2.4 GHz wireless transmissions with WEP encryption up to 256 bit, and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) support for both 802.1x and WPA-PSK, and capable of supporting the government-grade AES encryption.
• 2 Sony 1/3 CCD bullet cameras
• Remote view access to cameras via LAN network or Internet with proper authorization and pass code
• Real time transmission to display screen for public information, warnings, and alerts.

Video Capture Board:

Each CCTV camera has its own configuration Video quality, alarm notification, mask areas, motion detection or continuous recording, motion detection sensitivity, compression mode (MPEG4 or wavelet), smart recording, recording speed, camera name and brightness / contrast/ hue/ saturation can be set in the software for each camera.

Video Resolution Camera images can now be displayed and recorded in a choice of 640x480, 640 x 240 or 320x240 pixels. All cameras images must run at the same resolution, although this can be changed at any time.

Display Live video can be displayed in single camera, full screen format or in selectable multi-camera formats. Switch from a multi-screen format to single camera and back, by a single mouse click on the selected camera view.

Motion Detection When motion is detected in a camera field in an unmasked area, recording commences. Recordings are made in video clips, which are date and time stamped in a log file. Log files can be stored locally or remotely over a network. We have found the motion detection sensitivity of the software to be one of the best available.

Mask Function Areas of camera fields where motion is to be ignored can be user defined (masked), for each camera. Multiple mask areas per camera are permitted. Areas inside a mask can be cleared.

Smart Recording Smart recording can be selected by camera. This enables the full available recording speed to be allocated only to cameras that are actually recording at any particular time.

Digital Watermarking Digital watermarking can be selected for recordings. Any recorded videos exported from the original hard drive recordings are thus ensured to be unedited. This is a particularly important point when video is to be used as evidence in court.

Recording Playback The log files of recorded video clips can be sorted and accessed by year/date/time. Video recordings can be played back while current recording is taking place, although recording speeds may slow down. Recordings can be zoomed in/out and moved around the viewing area, on playback. Recordings can be played back at normal speeds, higher speeds, and slower speeds or frame-by-frame. Individual camera or all cameras can play recordings back at the same time. Switching from multi-camera to single-camera playback is as simple as clicking on a particular camera window while playback is operational. Additional editing features are provided for image sharpening, exporting, adjusting brightness/ contrast and printing. Video clips can be exported as .avi files, playable in Microsoft Media Player or similar. Individual frames can be exported in many file formats, including. Jpg’s. Exported video clips can have the date, time and camera name stamped on the video in a choice of colors.

Communications Remote communication is supported by dial-up server, web-cam server, TCP/IP server and multicast server. Compression of transmitted images can be set from remote systems as MPEG4 or JPEG, independent of recording compression of the host system. MPEG4 will provide much faster transmission. New Webcam software allows up to 16 cameras to be viewed on one screen from the same or multiple DVRs. Remote communications with Win CE equipped PDAs is now provided with G-View.

Storage Capacity As available disk space runs out, the system will overwrite the video clips with the earliest dates. Recording can be specified for any single hard drive or for multiple drives.


• True 1/3” CCD Sensor
• 380 Lines Resolution
• Auto Focus
• Auto Iris
• Weatherproof
• 3.6 mm lens
• .05 Lux

Physical Dimensions:

• Length 20.5 in
• Width 18 in
• Height 69.5 in
• Weight 100 lbs
• Base 24 in diameter

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