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Harbor TRAC
Model: HT-300
Harbor TRAC
Price: $43,980.00

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Harbor TRAC is a multi-purpose extended range waterway surveillance system that monitors all types of restricted water zones with both day and night capabilities.


Portable and durable NEMA 4X rated housing
80 mm - 500mm Telescopic Lens
Two 5mW Visible Green Lasers
SONY 1/3" Color CCD


Sensor: SONY 1/3" Color CCD
Picture Elements: NTSC 768(H)x494(V)
Horizontal Resolution: 480 TV Lines
Min. Illumination: 0.2 LUX / F1.2
Clock Freq: NTSC 19.0699 MHz
Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace
S/N Ratio: <48dB
Electronis Shutter: 1/50 ~ 1/100,000 sec (Linear)
Auto IRIS Lens: DC Drive /AES / Video Drive
Gamma: 0.45
Black Light / Auto Gain / White Balance Control On/Off
Video Output: 1.0V p-p VBS75ohm BNC connector


Output Power <5 mW,(Class II)
Output Type Pulsed
Wavelength 532nm
Polarization Linear (50:1)
Beam Dia. at Source 1.1 mm
Output Variance 10% after 20 min
Beam Divergence 1.2 mRad
Dimensions 5.85 in long 0.54 in. diameter
Operating Lifetime 3000-5000 hours
Range 2800 meters
Class IIIA

Video Capture Board:

Board and software provide excellent image display and recording quality through proprietary drivers and compression. Video can be displayed and recorded at 320x240, 640x240 or a true 640x480 non-interlaced resolution, which eliminates the 'ghost effect' in motion video seen with many other systems at 640x480.

Video is compressed for recording by MJPEG or HM (MPEG4-like) compression: HM is proprietary compression technology, designed specifically for CCTV applications. It provides high video quality and yet saves a great deal of disk space through superior compression. CPU acceleration instructions also help the system gain real-time performance.

Instantly sends out notifications when there is an abnormal situation or intrusion. There are many ways to notify an event:
1. Send a voice message to a desk phone or a cell phone.
2. Send a text message to a fax or an e-mail address.
3. Sound an event alarm.
4. Flash an event message on the split screen.
5. Display the event camera in full screen.
6. Trigger traditional alarm devices.
7. Send event reports daily, weekly or monthly by email.

Advanced Motion Detection and Tracking - Moving targets are automatically detected and tracked by a tracking block. This system is sensitive to moving targets in bad lighting environments, and not sensitive to camera shake and the auto-panning of PTZ security cameras.

CCTV devices can be integrated into this system. Through an RS485/RS232 converter, PTZ cameras can be remote controlled for panning, tilting, and zooming. Via I/O ports or an I/O box (depending on board model), the video capture board can receive signals from traditional sensor devices to start recording. Motion based recording can be used to trigger external devices such as lights, switchers, gates, and other traditional alarm devices.

Recording Playback - Search recording log files by date, time, single camera or all cameras. Also search by recording type motion detection, smart saving, alarm input or time lapse. Play back in quad, 9 or 16 camera displays and switch to single camera full screen (and back again) with a mouse click. Speed up to 16X or slow down to 1/8 speed. Increment backwards and forwards by one frame.

Multiple Recording Methods - Video can be recorded continuously, continuously with Smart Saving, On Motion, On Alarm, by time-lapse or by schedule. Different cameras can have recording methods set independently.

Physical Dimensions:

Length 27.5 in
Width 16 in
Height 49 in
Weight 140 lbs
Base 22 x 30


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